My name is T. A. Ridge and I’m a writer, artist and cartoonist who has been to over thirty countries.


I am the author of five books, one called Short Tales of a Shoe Dog, a collection of short stories about my time working in high-end department stores.  The other four are a series of satirical action comedies called, “The Chronicles of the Prairie Dog Nation”. This series is about a group of very smart, walking-talking prairie dogs that have their very own dependent nation that’s about the size of Delaware that is north of Amarillo, Texas.


The prairie dog that is used for my many artwork designs is called “Porker.”  Porker is a fat, obnoxious character who is a food critic for the largest online newspaper in the Prairie Dog Nation.  Out of the 11 main characters in my book series, Porker the prairie dog is every reader’s favorite.  They love to hate him, and they love it when karma comes around to bite him.


Outside of being a writer, artist and cartoonist, my hobbies are studying science and history.  I also like to hike in National Parks throughout the United States.  Lastly, l have a vast collection of fossils and minerals I have found in the United States and other countries.